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    Graphs are not zero based, FYI.

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      Worth it just for the link to another blog post that explains WHY a multiple of 14kb is the limit.

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        I guess…

        Due to how TCP estimates the capacity of a connection (i.e. TCP Slow Start), a new TCP connection cannot immediately use the full available bandwidth between the client and the server. Because of this, the server can send up to 10 TCP packets on a new connection (~14KB) in first roundtrip, and then it must wait for client to acknowledge this data before it can grow its congestion window and proceed to deliver more data.


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        That’s USD 7.500.000 of savings if assumed that 1GB of data costs 5 USD on average. That’s a unit cost derived from infrastructure costs, not amounts consumers pays directly. Got it from some old research paper, not sure about current state of things.

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          Full disclosure: I work for/provide service to the Wikimedia Foundation (who runs the infra) but not within the technical dept.