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Been learning a lot of bsd and specifically openbsd from Roman. This is a great website.


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    It is. Thanks for sharing. Really like his static website generator and I am inspired to make something similar. First step… learn shell?

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      You can write it in any language. If you’re interested in learning shell or anything web dev related, ask me anything here or on Twitter/Mastodon (DMs are open) ;)

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        Kristaps’ sblg is also worth a look. My blog is using sblg and lowdown. Sites are generated on my laptop, then pushed by rdist which is also a nice tool in OpenBSD base

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          Thanks! :)

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            cool, I have to check that out as well.

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            yeah, like Romans reply. Anything goes. Any language will do.

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            Thank you, Isak, for posting :)

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              Anytime Roman. I love your howto’s.