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    Reminds me of gmailfs back in the day. Clever, but maybe not the best idea.

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      Pre-Glacier, usenet was part of my backup strategy.

      I had ~10 gigabytes of family photos that I archived, encrypted, and generated PAR2 files for. A block account to upload them was $.25/GB.

      They were on hundreds of servers at pennies a year (amortized), until I had to resubmit them after ~3-4 years. I tried a test download at the very end and was successfully able to get them all back, which I considered a pretty big success.

      Clever, but maybe not the best idea.

      I’d be shocked if Reddit doesn’t whack this pretty fast; I’d be mildly surprised if it’s not already getting caught in spam filters.

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        They say the best backup is to upload it to an FTP site and let people mirror it ;)