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    Every stellar engineer I have known has been an excellent Hacker. Hacking is the most efficient manifestation of science at a given point. Hacking is discovery, engineering is refinement. We do both all the time.

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      Third section.

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        I think the issue here is the semantics, not the dichotomy. I can absolutely see a difference between people who prefer “good and done in a week” to “perfect and done in a year,” but talking about that dichotomy in terms of “hackers” vs. “engineers,” two words the audience for this piece likely already have definitions for and strong feelings towards, decreases the signal to noise ratio of the argument by bringing peoples' preconceptions to the table. Also, perhaps a continuum is better than a dichotomy, but I think the third section of the piece addresses that at least somewhat.

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        Glad I used some restraint to finish reading before posting, as the third section summed up my thoughts fairly well. The rest was good, too.