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    I was a bit disappointed by this one. The buildup seemed great, like they were going to solve the same use cases for bookmarks through something radically different (and better). The only actual result we got to see (“dropzilla”) seemed like a minor and incremental change to bookmarks.

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      Yeah, bizarrely, the author seemed really excited to talk about every other stage of the design process in a complete way, but seemed almost embarrassed by the result of the design process. It felt like dropzilla was an afterthought, even though it was theoretically the deliverable from the process.

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        True, but all the other stages of the process have built up complex structures and understanding in the minds of all involved, which I expect will yield returns in future related features.

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        I agree. The tiling support is not particularly novel, and aggregating saved links from services doesn’t seem to solve the problem they stated, either.

        I’m trying to wonder what a good way to sort and save things would be. del.icio.us had a good idea (tagging content for fast retrieval) but it was hampered by the difficult to catalogue (I don’t want to have to think about what tags fit my content). I currently use pinboard.in for a similar service, but it’d be nice to get automatically tagging bookmarks (I think this can be inferred by page content, hostname, and other metrics) and then do a general grep of these similar to search found in modern mail clients.