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2022 is just around the corner. What things do you plan on learning, doing, stopping, or starting next year? It can be about tech, or not!

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      Therapy. I’m getting old and the combination of Adderall, fidget toys, and youthful energy aren’t getting me through the day anymore. So I need to learn new behaviors to stay productive.

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        I’m in my mid 20’s, and the last two years have really taken the wind out of my sails

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      I’ve always had a problem of resolving to do too much and then getting stuck thrashing, not making progress on any of them.

      So, in 2022:

      • I managed to get my weight into the healthy range for the first time in nearly 20 years, so I resolve to keep it in the healthy range.
      • I want to practice Spanish for at least 30 minutes every day.
      • My new job is going to require that I bump up my C++ and/or Go skills, so I’m going to bump those up.
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        Congrats on the new job! Hope you like it :)

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      1600x1200 :-)

      But on a more serious note, I think my resolution is not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. There are a few things that I tend to either do properly or not do at all. One example is cooking and eating well. It’s great if I can do it consistently, but I usually don’t have the energy or time, so instead I end up not trying at all, which is worse than doing it inconsistently.

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      Be a good dad, be a good husband, finish some of the side projects I have been fiddling with.

      I am also doing the annual “no joy January” where I don’t consume alcohol, sugar, junk food or any other drug. It is a good test of willpower and good for my health

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      Live as if I hadn’t before.

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      Probably gonna stay on 1440x900 + 1280x1024. Having the editor on the left and the preview/run window on the right is a pretty comfy workflow.

      As for my plans, I will probably try a change of employer abroad. Hoping to see more of the world this year. :^)

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      Really broadly:

      • Read more
      • Write more
      • Plan more, react less
      • Focus more on things I think are important, not on others’ priorities

      2021 was really chaotic and stressful for me, both on the work and personal fronts. Some of that is frankly unavoidable (pandemic, unexpected events at work, family crises, etc). But a lot of the stress was due to my own reactions to what was going on. Where possible, I want to be more thoughtful and avoid letting external chaos throw my life into disarray.

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      I should blog more! Haven’t published any posts in ages. I have some drafts but the most serious one is about a reverse engineering project that’s not completed to full satisfaction… I should just accept that that project is not getting to that completion ever and share the story.

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      I’m afraid my new year’s resolution is really low, 72 DPI. … OK, I’ll see myself out.