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    This article has a list at the end called “Contraindications”. These are the most important things to discuss and understand but the authors just skip over them for a bunch of other stuff that is not particularly insightful or novel.

    Of this list I’d say the most important to understand is “If I don’t make killer robots, someone else will anyway.”

    The only reason I (a non-white person with non-blue eyes) am alive and live decently is because people in America decided to build an atomic bomb and, by accident, beat the Nazis to it.

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      Incidentally, that atomic bomb was used to slaughter non-white persons with non-blue eyes.

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        The Nazi alliance with Imperial Japan is a great illustration of how politics makes strange bedfellows.

        Similarly Shubhash Bose supported and got support from both the Nazis and Imperial Japan. I wonder what the next conflict would have been if the Nazis and Imperial Japan had won. Presumably Imperial Japan would have digested China and moved onto India.

        Perhaps the Nazis and Imperial Japan would have persisted as opposing but not actively fighting factions gradually absorbing more territory.