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      Murilo, I just wanted to thank you for such excellent write-ups. I really enjoy your writing and learn something useful every time I read one of your articles. Thanks for taking the time to put these together.

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        Your reply warms my heart, thank you. I’m glad it was useful :)

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      Beautiful stuff. It’s really difficult to explain the benefits of effectively having your entire editor running inside of a REPL for easy introspection. The workflow for finding perf issues or adjusting settings/behavior in emacs is so much easier and satisfying than any other editor I’ve used. Also I’ll be stealing your async remote file dir now. :-)

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      this article does a good job conveying something that is hard to communicate about emacs – thanks for writing it. The introspection and malleability of emacs global state is great, and terrible.

      Incidentally, I have run into the exact same bump WRT remote file expansion in my file jump shenanigans.

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      Same sentiment here.. Best write up I’ve seen of a debugging session where it’s applicable, easy to follow, and well-written. Well done!

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      @mpereira Is this a different blog post or did you just take this out of the longer blog post so it could stand alone?

      Not complaining, its a great read either way, just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

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        Yeah, I decided to publish them stand alone too after some feedback.

        The post opens by saying that it’s part of the longer blog post btw :)