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    As somebody who develops a GNOME app, this struck me as particularly rich:

    This is why we put a huge amount of work into empowering third party app developers to build more and better apps.

    They do absolutely nothing to “empower third party app developers” and constantly change their APIs with no regard to backward compatibility, so you’re constantly updating your app to conform to new APIs, not add features or fix bugs.

    Not having any kind of GUI to do GUI development is, not exactly empowering either.

    I would love to know where they’re putting this “Huge amount of work” because as a 3rd party app developer I don’t see any evidence of it.

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      As an observer of GNOME for the entire length of its existence, my opinion is… this is propaganda aimed at the unsuspecting.

      If you want to run GNOME, or you use it by default and find it unobjectionable, that’s fine. Please don’t tell people that GNOME has principles or coherency that make it superior to all other desktop experiences.

      In the style of n-gate: GNOME (business model: “Microsoft Apple for Linux”) continues the war on its own users, now with a philosophical-aesthetic manifesto.

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        Thanks for all the fish. Hope you won’t stray too far from my needs or I’d be screwed, because you are not interested in whatever I need, because you know better. Not even a toggle.