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    Does anyone know if this 64-bit work is useful at all for *BSD getting 64-bit support of Linux apps?

    Also, I’m very ignorant of Docker and any relationship to *BSD and jails. Is there anyone trying to bring these things together? Is it worth it? Does a Dockerfile express enough to just make a jail from?

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      While it would be great if our work could help the BSDs out, my assumption would be that it basically won’t: most of the work that we did was specific to SmartOS (and much of it was kernel work). It’s all open source; check out the SmartOS source, in particular looking at usr/src/lib/brand/lx and usr/src/uts/common/brand/lx.

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        Don’t forget usr/src/common/brand/lx!

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        Afaik 64 bit Linux compat is available in FreeBSD and netbsd. And it’s just “work” away from working in OpenBSD.

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          FreeBSD has 32-bit support but not 64-bit support. Last I have heard is it’s a work in progress but I’m not aware of anything, even in 11-CURRENT, that supports 64-bit binaries.