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    Regarding Caps Lock: MacOS has supported remapping this (and some other keys) for years.

    System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Modifier Keys

    I used to use a key remapper app, but as the only thing I really care about is Caps Lock -> Escape the built-in functionality has been enough for me

    But I also use it to rearrange the modifier keys on my Microsoft Sculpt to match my Macbook

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      MacOS 10.15 also lets you remap caps lock to switch key maps.

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        Yes! This is discussed in the README too in the Mac: System Preferences section. Quoting it here:

        Since macOS Sierra Version 10.12.1, it is easy to map Caps Lock to Escape via System Preferences. Perform the following steps to do so.

        1. Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Keyboard.
        2. Click Modifier Keys.
        3. Set Caps Lock Key to Escape.
        4. Click OK.
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        I’ve solved this problem for myself by using Microsoft’s own PowerToys for key-remapping on Windows. A few of the other features are nice too (FancyZones for custom window tiling, an app launcher) and the rest are cute but ultimately useless for me.

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          I’ve been using caps lock for ctrl for about a year now and I’m pretty hooked at this point. Since moving to a 60% board, however, I’m starting to rethink that in favor of a left handed Fn. I wouldn’t think this would help me with that, though.

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            After I got handed a 2019 15” Macbook Pro as my work computer I started to do this. Thanks to Karabiner-Elements I can apply the change only when using the built-in keyboard (no physicall esc key).

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              I actually really like my caps lock key. I sometimes think about remapping it but then would realize I’d miss it a lot if it was gone… it is really useful for trying to type one-handed, which I’ve been doing a lot more of lately with the baby and all.

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                I really like using a remapped caps lock combined with Sticky Keys. It means I can get a shift-lock by tapping the shift key twice.

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                  I’ve found casually mentioning “I use caps lock sometimes” brings people out of the woodwork really fast for some reason.

                  I have my reasons, such as C_MACROS. Holding shift is a waste of effort.