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Title taken from the tweet https://twitter.com/searls/status/943949823589474304 since the page title is devoid of context


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    A good reminder that a focus on your health–whether working remotely or in office–pays dividends on your personal and professional performance.

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      I initally thought this would be one of those blog posts that were in vogue a few years ago on HN (brand-concious-minimalism, meditation), but the overriding theme is one of the benefits of eating less and moving more, and the positive effects of this for him and people close to him. I have had a similar experience, though I work in an office, mostly because of getting a sit-stand desk and being a bit more organised and strict with my food shopping and meal prep. It didn’t take much to change the sign of my mass derivative for small +ve to small -ve, and the effect that’s had over 18 months has been transformitive.

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        I really need to take the advice of not touching my phone while working on something. So easy to get distracted when someone messages you about something pointless.

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          I’m taking a a bit more complex strategy then Justin, but I can highly recommend it. I use it because I have some close people that for practical reasons I’m reachable at any time for.

          I basically work by disabling all notifications by default and using software/messengers that give you fine grained control over what they notify you for. Also, for the group of people above, we use two messengers: one that is set to not notify and another one that notifies me quite loudly. For anything urgent, they use the latter, if it’s just banter, the former. It needs some getting used to, but that works really well.

          Focus management for my phone has been the best thing I’ve been doing in recent years :).