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    I think this cuts both ways though. New technology receives both unwarranted evangelism as well as unwarranted hate. My Psychology 101 analysis is it’s so hard to have a middle ground because emotionally if you are using something that someone else says is a poor choice you don’t want to feel like you’ve made a bad choice so you argue for it. Alternatively, if you don’t pick something just because you don’t think it solves a problem you have or maybe you just think it’s “meh” you’ll feel pressure to shoot down that technology for similar reasons. These things build on themselves and people get emotional attachments to them.

    Often times, I think deep down, most people just like to use whatever they are either familiar with or they feel solves their problem in an easy to use way. These positions are hard to defend from rabid lovers/haters.

    I think MongoDB is a good example of this. Most people I have met not using Mongo really just don’t care one way or the other. They think it has some short comings and not a good fit for them. But the level of Mongo evangelism is high and sometimes feel like they’re in a corner when someone asks them why they aren’t using Mongo and respond with a symmetrical level of firmness.

    But I’m just kind of talking out of my tush so I’m probably way off.