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      Note: this article contains inline images of marked classified documents.

      This comment is not intended to spark a discussion; simply put, some people may want to avoid the article for this reason.

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        Those images are the same as those found on this webpage: https://nsa.gov1.info/dni/nsa-ant-catalog/usb/index.html which is the first hit for a web search.

        There is a wikipedia page on them https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NSA_ANT_catalog which says they were leaked in 2013 by Der Speigel.

        I can see that NDA being applied to “I took a peek at my bosses desk” or “I went on the dark web and paid 10 bitcoins for this information”. I can not see that being applied to “I did a web search and found it on wikipedia.”

        And in any case, I don’t know if those are authentic or made up by a teenager hoping to get money from Der Speigel.

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        Out of curiosity… why?

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          IANAL etc etc… My understanding is something along the lines of… those holding US clearances sign an NDA to agree not to access classified documents for which they are not authorized nor need to access. I understand these people may want to avoid marked classified documents leaked online, for example because they may not have the “need to know”.

          I’m not here to dictate or judge, just to note for those who care about this material.

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            Correct! It’s generally the same reason why prominent emulator developers won’t look at or access leaked documents/source code. It’s a whole can of beans that nobody should ever put themselves near.

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        Good point, it would be polite to put up a “spoiler warning” if you’re going to do this. And there are plenty of publicly available examples they could have used to make the same point. Ah well.

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      I’m not a security expert, but I found it fascinating to read about all this ceremony. The lengths they go to were eyebrow-raising for me: the modified air-gapped laptop with no hard-drive, booting from CD-ROMs stored in a tamper-proof bag in a safe—and the whole OS being reproducible. Incredible.

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        If you’re looking for more the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority put recordings of all of their key ceremonies on YouTube :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChND9hEeJQjtLDFZ-m8U47A

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        On the one hand it sounds like paranoid overkill. On the other hand, the cost of it is low relative to the risk.