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If you see a TV by the side of the road and you take it, do you blame the person who put it there if it burns your house down?

I am not saying free software programmers put it out like garbage. I am saying people who use it treat it that way, yet act as though they bought it.


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    I haven’t seen any “hating on Stallman” regarding shellshocked. Is that really taking place, or is it just happening in the author’s bubble?

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      Outside of /g/? Not really. But there is a definite difference in tone between reactions to similar bugs in other Open Source software (e.g. OpenSSL) and bugs in bash, licensed under the GPLv3. People were falling over themselves to send money to the OpenBSD foundation in support of libressl and further development+maintenance of other security projects like OpenSSH. I’ve yet to see a major wave of enthusiasm for supporting the FSF and the numerous GNU projects it supports, however. Functionally, the situations are very similar. But politically? Well… “Free” (as in Fredom) is almost a four letter word in many tech circles that otherwise laud the “Open Source” movement.