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    alacritty. No fancy retro effects or GUI enhancements on top of commands. Just great performance.

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      Oh shit, gpu accelerated? I’m definitely going to check this out. Though for the record, I’ve been using Simple Terminal for the last few years.

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        Yep, I’ve been using st as well, before alacritty came out.

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        Didn’t know terminal performance mattered until I tried alacritty, so +1

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        I’ve settled for now on Tilix after trying or re-trying various including:

        • urxvt
        • terminator
        • terminology (in the article)
        • tilda (in the article)

        I want something like the OSX iTerm which just seemed to do what I want without a lot of friction. I’d prefer tabs and panes over windows but as long as I get fast rendering, 24-bit color, and can remap the keystrokes I’m happy. Tilix seems to fit the bill. I’d like to take advantage of triggers but haven’t gotten around to rebuilding vte.

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          I’ve also been using tilix for a few weeks now. I was a user of urxvt before, but I wanted to have tabs (otherwise I end up with 15-20 terms opened) and I wanted better font rendering than urxvt. I tried alacritty, but its lack of features was problematic (no true underlining, no scrollback, can’t dim the terminal when it’s not the active window, etc.)

          Tilix is a pretty good terminal emulator. I have one problem with it, when I launch it, sometimes it fails to raise to the top in Openbox, so I need to Alt-Tab it in.

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          xiki looks great, though i would prefer if there were more documentation to read before I install it.

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            After trying urxvt, st, xfce4-terminal and a few others, I settled on sakura because of great unicode support (I can’t remember the details, but e.g. st failed on some stuff from http://www.madore.org/~david/misc/unitest/ that sakura handled fine). It also starts fast, and has full colour support.