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Release post here: https://ring.cx/en/news#release-of-ring-10-liberte-egalite-fraternite

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    The systems presented above, other than GNU/Linux, are not advised by the Free Software community, due to a grave ethical flaw.

    Yeah that’s a nice thing to say to your potential users…

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      It seems like there’s no ethical program execution under proprietary software.

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        The people whose safety-critical code protects or saves lives will be shocked to find they’ve been acting unethically all this time. ;)

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        there is nothing like being patronized by GNU zealots… makes you want to use their software even more /s

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          It seems to me they are referring to the operating systems being used to demonstrate their software.

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            They should leave off the accusations to focus on the benefits of their platform. If they want to talk risks, they can say after major benefits what can’t happen to users with links of such events in proprietary platforms. The net impression becomes, “You get this good stuff that mighf matter to you with less of that bad stuff you may or may not care about.”

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              uhh they’re saying that Windows, macOS (and Android?) are unethical

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            I’ve seen references to ring.cx, but never clicked, somewhat out of concern it had to do with goatse.cx. Nice looking app, though!

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              Neat, I had no idea this was in the works.

              A simpler logo might be more attractive. Dropping the .cx might reduce likelihood of goatse-related mental associations in conjunction with “ring”, if others who have also been scarred by the 1990s internet catch my drift.

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                This is really exciting to see a real-life communications platform built on top of a blockchain. I think bitcoin is cool and all but it has a long way before being a mainstream ‘currency’. However, applying the blockchain concept as a ‘distributed ledger’ rather than a cryptocurrency has massive implications both for private enterprise and for public communications.

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                  The biggest block I find to uptake of these messengers and call apps that so often come and go is the lack of mobile applications. Until there’s an Android and iOS app, my friends and family won’t use it.

                  I don’t like it, but it appears to be the world we’re in now.

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                    It seems like it already has an android app? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cx.ring

                    Could not find anything for iOS: https://ring.cx/en/download

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                      Oooh I didn’t spot that for some reason. I’ll keep an eye out for an iOS app then.

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                        There’s a source code repos, but no release. https://gerrit-ring.savoirfairelinux.com/#/admin/projects/ring-client-ios

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                        Yeah, there is an Android but no iOS app yet.

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