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The Mac focused event! Verge predictions

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    • Stream starts.

    • A kitchen. A woman in a wheelchair. The video is about accessibility. The iPhone can use object recognition to help blind people hike and take pictures. Wheelchair exercises are supported by Watch fitness. Someone is editing a video in FCPX without usage of their hands.

    • Tim Cook on stage. There’s a lot of iPhone users at an Apple event. Accessibility matters. Apple now has a page about their accessibility measures and resources.

    • Tidbits on iPhone. People like the iPhone 7. The new camera is a highlight. A lot of user submitted example photos. Sharing is the fun part of photos though. The memories features helps this. 400M memories have been viewed with it already.

    • Tidbits on iOS 10. People also like iOS 10. 60% of iOS users are already using it. Tim then compares to Android. iOS 10.1 came out recently too. Portrait mode is a highlight. More example portrait photos.

    • Tidbits on Japan. Japanese users can use Apple Pay and Apple Maps transit. 160M contactless transactions made in Japan; Apple wants to get on this. Extensive and detailed above and below ground layouts, as well as fare comparisons.

    • Tidbits on Watch. The new watches and watchOS have been an improvement. People like them to get healthy. Their partnership with Nike is fruitful; tomorrow, the Nike Apple Watch comes out.

    • Onto Apple TV. The future of TV is apps, but how is Apple doing in this? 8000 apps for Apple TV in a variety of genres, including games. Minecraft is coming to Apple TV. People like watching TV shows too. Lots of TV shows and movies available. You can watch live shows and sports too.

    • Twitter PM on stage. Twitter integration for Apple TV. And example is shown regarding sports. By swiping on the remote, you can browse a relevant twitter timeline in a sidebar while watching. Video replays and periscopes from other angles are shown. Audience (in Twitter) polling is available. You can easily respond to tweets by forwarding the relevant link to your iPhone. Free premium sports and news feeds from Bloomberg, NHL, Buzzfeed, etc. available via Twitter.

    • Tim back on stage. Siri makes it easy to search across apps. But this isn’t good enough. Unified TV experience. A new app for this called… TV. Demo of it, bringing up a designer. It aggregates the TV shows you’re watching from a variety of sources, and shows you watch you’re in the middle of will show unwatched episodes has needed. Recommendations for TV and movies. It’ll only show content that you can access. (owned/subscribed) Press play brings you directly to the show. Accessing show info from the app and going back is easy. iTunes purchases/rentals are shown in one tab. Adding content from a variety of sources you don’t have (to buy/subscribe) is simple - pick the show, it gets the relevant app or buys from iTunes/whatever. It then automatically updates the watch now page. This new app is also on iPad and iPhone. Siri is supported on all devices. Watched status syncs on all devices. Live TV. Using apps, you can tune into live channels, and use Siri to get there. She then switches to a live news feed’s app using Siri. She now asks Siri to switch to a sports team’s game’s app, and shows schedules and scores, as well as other games.

    • Tim back. Apple considers the Gordian knot of TV cut. The new app will be available in December, starting in the US.

    • MAC! Everyone loves them. It’s touched so many fields and people. Sierra launched last month, improving iCloud with Drive and universal Clipboard, as well as Apple Pay on Mac and a Siri that knows about the filesystem. This week is a historical week for the Mac. 25th anniversary of the first Mac notebook, (not luggable - sorry Mac Portable) the PowerBook 100. Its ergonomics such as keyboard forward and a pointing device in the palm rest is where it started. An active matrix display also made it better than the competition. Other Macs innovated as well with trackpads and WiFi and aluminium and all-SSDs and hi-DPI displays. A new innovation. Video going through the history of Mac laptops. Yes, it’s the strip! Audio tracks in a DAW, Emoji, a video scrubber were shown quickly on it. The new MacBook Pro.

    • Phil Schiller on stage. New design. Still aluminium. A lot of it. 13" and 15", silver and space grey. Thinner and lighter, obviously. Onto the 13". 14.9mm thick, 17% thinner, 23% less volume. 3 pounds. Onto the 15". 15.5mm thick, 14% thinner, 20% less volume, 4 pounds. Large force touch trackpad - twice as big, and that’s because its force touch. Butterfly switches, but second generation revision. Function keys gone. Press F1 to pay respect to them. They took the courage to replace them. Video on the new strip. Multi-touch, hi-DPI, gestures. A thumbnail bar is shown. They call it: the Touch Bar. System control keys are still available. It’s context-sensitive and changes as you switch apps. In Safari, it’s used as a bookmarks bar, and also as the toolbar with URL bar. For Photos, a photo straightening tool is available on it. Because its close to the keyboard, its ergonomic and can show word suggestions. Touch ID in the right part. Apple “T1” chip for Touch ID/Secure Enclave.

    • Craig on stage to talk about it and demo. It’s also a power button, so you can press it and log in instantly. The basic system functions and Siri are available by default. If you hold the fn key, they switch to the function keys. You can slide directly on it for brightness and volume. He switches to Mail and has controls like the toolbar, available above the keyboard. It can adjust to user habits. Because its above the keyboard, it can show suggestions and a formatting toolbar, and add recipients, without using the trackpad. The touchbar can suggest emoji based on text and your favourites. He switches to Safari, and there’s a section in the bar for switching tabs. He creates a new tab and loads a bookmark entirely from the bar. He pays for something just by pressing the Touch ID button. Full screen app usage is easier because touch bar can help with navigation and manipulation. Scrubbing is easy and has graphics thumbnails. Pros like to customize the toolbars though. He uses Finder as an example. You can use the customize toolbar dialog for the touch bar, as you would the normal toolbar. This even extends the system controls. Back to Phil. Fast user switching with Touch ID is supported. More example use cases with Apple applications. Even Terminal and Xcode support it. There’s an API available.

    • Better display 67% brighter and higher contrast ratio, 25% wider gamut. Thin as the 12" model. The internals of the MBP are nicer too. Quad-core i7 with 2133 MHz RAM. 14nm Polaris GPU with 4 GB VRAM up to 2.3x faster than last-gen. 3.1GB/s, 2 TB max, 50% SSD. Improved thermals to cool all this. Louder speakers with twice the dynamic range. Benchmarks between last gen and new gen shown. The 13" has dual-core i5/i7 with Iris graphics with 64 MB eDRAM. More benchmarks.

    • Versatile I/O: Four Type C/Thunderbolt 3 ports on both versions that support USB 3.1 Gen 2 and DisplayPort 1.2. All 4 ports act as charging ports. HDMI and VGA also supported with these Type C/Thunderbolt 3 ports. An LG Ultrafine 5K monitor is shown using this new port with several I/O ports on the monitor and charges the laptop. And you can add a second monitor. And a RAID array.

    • Demos. New version of FCPX on the MBP shown. With the touch bar, it shows the timeline in a scrubber that can be zoomed. The touch bar reacted to the UI section change into the library. It also reacted when the audio clip was too long to fit. A slider in the touch bar was used to change audio volume of a clip. It’s handling 4K video editing fine. Adobe manager on stage to talk about Photoshop on the new MBP. Touch bar makes Photoshop easier with tools and tool options available on it. You can use it with two hands, while the eyes are on the image. Now Photoshop is in full screen and the touch bar is still being used to control Photoshop. One hand on the trackpad, one on the touch bar. Undo history on the bar too. This support in Photoshop should be in before the end of the year. CEO of a DJ app company on stage. Tools like the sampler and scratching are on the touch bar. You can do things entirely with the touch bar in this app. Phil back on stage. It does multi-touch! Microsoft will support touch bar for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Skype for Business. Affinity, Pixelmator, Resolve, and Sketch and other apps will use it too.

    • Video on the MBP to sum it up. Jony Ive of course. He talks about stuff in his accent. The new MBP will run Sierra out of the box. 10 hour battery life on both models, 13" and 15". He compares size with the PowerBook 170. 6.8 million times faster than the 170. Green manufacturing. They did it for you, pros!

    • The 13" MacBook Air will continue to be available, but the 13" MBP without a touch bar (instead, a function key row) and only 2 TB3 ports will be available as a low end configuration and 12% thinner than the MBA with 13% less volume. Same weight. Comparison between MBA and new MBP. Three MBP configs to sum it up: low end 13", high end 13", and high end 15". Each are $1499, $1799, $2399, respectively. All able to be bought today. The low end will start shipping today, but the high end configs will ship in 2-3 weeks. A commercial for the new MacBook Pro is shown.

    • Back to Tim. Thanks to the Apple engineers. That’s the end.

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      Your video recaps/live comments/summaries are why I come to Lobsters during events like this. Thank you so much!

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      For those wanting to follow on The Twitters, the MacRumours Live account usually does a good job of livestreaming Apple events.