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    Out of curiosity, how does this compare to, say, Piwik, apart from not having to host it yourself?

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      I’ve got a few general goals (in comparison/contrast to Piwik):

      • Low-hassle (not having to host it yourself)
      • Speed (controlling the hosting platform allows one to much more easily optimize the data and presentation layers)
      • Customizability (focusing on really clean, semantic markup with multiple options to colorize, brand, and style (custom CSS) the interface)
      • Share-ability (making it easy to share access and/or data with clients and other people via painless SSO, limited user accounts, etc.)
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        The only thing that’s really different from Piwik is that this is hosted for you.

        • You can still speed up and optimize data and presentation on a self-hosted application. The user’s can even adjust it more specifically for exactly what they need/want when it’s self-hosted.
        • I would think a self-hosted, Free Software piece of software would be more customizable than any hosted option. You can adjust anything and everything. They’ve even got a plugin and theming engine now.
        • Piwik has exports, and limited user accounts…

        The only real difference I see is that you’re hosting the application, which can be an advantage and disadvantage.

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          All very true! There’s advantages and disadvantages to everything. Piwik’s a great project, and we’ll see how things go with Rangefinder.

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      I just signed up, and am using it in parallel with GA for now for my personal site. I really like the presentation, it’s leagues better than the tons of links that GA requires clicking before to getting to anything interesting. How often are the reports updated?

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        Reports are updated whenever you load the page! I’m shooting for the lowest latency possible between tracking a visit and that visit’s data being available in the system.

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        It’s cool that the data is live, and it’s certainly quicker to get to data than Google Analytics. But GA has a ton more features (for now).

        One thing I always wondered about GA. Is it possible to pollute another user’s analytics by adding their tracking ID to pages on another site? Or does GA check that the tracking code seems to be coming from the expected site?

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          Little note: I just deployed domain restrictions for sites so that you can control what domains are allowed to track views. (Screenshot)

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          I wish i could combine these visualizations with Heap’s auto tracking.