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    This is insane…

    I assume most people here that use Ubiquiti have disabled remote access to devices if they haven’t already.

    Legal overrode the repeated requests to force rotation of all customer credentials, and to revert any device access permission changes within the relevant period

    I’m struggling to see how this is good advice. Was it really to protect the stock value (rotating would reveal something bad happened and open it up to questions)? Even that is short sighted.

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      A comment from a former employee lifted from the HN thread:

      While I was there, the CEO loved to just fly between offices (randomly) on his private jet. You never knew where he’d pop up, and that put everybody on edge, because when he was unhappy he tended to fire people in large chunks (and shut down entire offices).

      This seems consistent with some Glassdoor reviews; for example:

      No one is safe here. you expendable just like the trashbag in your garbage can. owner gives unreasonable goals and when not met, he fires. upper management/cfo like money and rjp [Robert J. Pera, the CEO] clout over the product. over the consumer experience. the company morale is everyone tries to fly under RJP’s radar due to random firings. Upper Management is number people, worried about the stock more than employees and the product. Very muddy project mangement and very foggy leadership. No one really knows where the ship is sailing. Everyone is on the same ride trying to avoid a wreck at the same time avoiding RJP.

      The company is a one-man show who completely ignores people value.

      You are being questioned, demoralized and you even don’t believe your skills in the end.

      No feedback, no HR, no planning.

      • Incredibly toxic culture where most people would rather not have to deal with the CEO at all (“be invisible”) due to his behaviour and complete lack of respect towards his employees. I have witnessed or experimented a lot of what you can see in the other negative reviews on this site.

      • This may vary from office to office, but there doesn’t seem to be a general HR department. If the CEO is being disrespectful or abusive, who can you complain to, really?

      And a bunch more.

      Seems like the owner/CEO is just a twat that everyone is afraid of, and for good reasons too. This kind of company culture incentives the wrong kind of decision-making; from a business, ethical, and legal perspective. It’s no surprise that whistleblower “Adam” wants to remain anonymous.

      It’s all a classic story repeated untold times over history innit? People will go to great lengths to avoid strong negative consequences to themselves, whether that’s a child lying about things to avoid a spanking, a prisoner giving a false confession under torture, or an employee making bad decisions to avoid being fired. We only have several thousand years of experience with this so it’s all very new… Some people never learn.

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        holy shit.

        This kind of company culture incentives the wrong kind of decision-making; from a business, ethical, and legal perspective.

        Indeed, and it makes its way right into the product too; you can tell when release feature quantity is prized over quality. This honestly explains more than I thought it could about my experience with their products so far — they feel so clearly half-baked, in a persistent, ongoing sense.

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          I never even heard of Ubiquiti until a few days ago when there was a story on HN that their management interface started displaying huge banner ads for their products – I just use standard/cheap/whatever’s available kind of hardware most of the time so I’m not really up to speed with these kind of things. Anyway, the response from that customer support agent is something else. The best possible interpretation is that it’s a non-native speaker on a particularly bad day: the wife left him yesterday, the dog died this morning, and this afternoon he stepped on a Lego brick. But much more likely is that it’s just another symptom of the horrible work environment and/or bad decision making, just like your meh experience with their products.

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            Yeah, I had similar experiences with Ubiquiti stuff–I bought it because I liked the idea of separating routing and access point functionality, but it never stopped being flaky. After the last time throughput slowed to a crawl for no reason I got a cheap TP-Link consumer router instead and I haven’t had to think about it once.

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          I assume most people here that use Ubiquiti have disabled remote access to devices if they haven’t already.

          Ironically, I can’t. The UniFi Protect phone apps require it, so I have to choose between security of my network and physical security of my house.

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          The last thing I remember reading about Ubiquiti was how they were ‘creatively’ violating the GPL:


          Networking company Ubiquiti Networks violates the GPL, but not in the way you’d expect. Not only did the kernel shipped in their router firmware not correspond to the sources given, but their failure to provide the source led to a vulnerability they created being unpatched long after its disclosure. They’re maintaining the appearance of compliance without actually complying with the GPL.

          TBH, I’m not terribly surprised by this revelation.

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            Unrelated to the content of the article, but to the site: I really wish Krebs would put some borders around pictures, especially given how they’re almost all screenshots of text. It’s at times difficult to tell when things are part of his writing or part of some material being shared.