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    I recognize those desks! UIUC represent 😂 I’m about to go through the arduous process of replacing various components of my system, which I also used to play lots of MGSV. That game has to be the best PC game of all time. The other game I played was spelunky, which didn’t need nearly as much power

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      Haha, a fellow UIUC alum! When I was digging through my photos to find a picture of my college desktop, I had the same thought. Those dorms were something… 😛

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      Gaming mouse with oversized mousepad? You betcha.

      Hey now, nothing wrong with that. Big mousepads, big cursors, big fan.

      What happened to the original case? If you put new parts in it, would it become another ship? And more importantly, would they be == in JavaScript?

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        i have a “xfx warpad” and despite the name it’s really nice, especially the “edgeless support system” is nice on the forearm.

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        Basically the same thing I did, years ago - but somehow all the games I’ve played in the last 12 years weren’t as hard on the machine as they used to. I just now built my 3rd complete PC since around 2008. This one only reused graphics card (from 2016) and SSDs, the one I built in 2013 had reused disks and case from the 2008ish build. But in general I’ve kept them for so long (5/7 years) that a complete overhaul was in order, CPU+Mainboard+RAM at least…

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          It’s pretty crazy now that with a reasonably priced GPU, I can run games at 60+fps on Ultra settings that would have brought my desktop to a crawl in 2013…

          That being said, the games that I’m actually nostalgic for are, like you mention, not super hard on my machine anyways