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Description: Content Management Systems, Static Site Generators

This is a topic close to my heart and would love to subscribe to a content management / workflow feed. Fellow Lobsters, do you believe there’s room for this tag on the site, to cover anything on the CMS to SSG spectrum? Especially now, with people becoming increasingly skeptical of centralization, I expect to see exciting new projects in the area.

Here’s a recent example which I thought had a nice backstory and wanted to share but for which none of the existing tags made much sense.

Some /saved articles matching:

P.S. Maybe the indieweb tag make more sense as the overarching narrative?


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    “CMS” stands for “content management system” and covers everything from a static site generator to huge systems designed for newspapers with different levels for editors vs authors, permissions etc. It’s both way too broad and too narrow for this site, imho.

    While I like the ideals behind the term “indieweb”, I also think it’s a bit too narrow (if nothing else, the gopher fans will flip a lid at the term “web” ;) ). I think the existing tags “web” + “culture” covers the field.

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      I would be interested in subscribing to your bookmarks for a topic like this, since you know the subject :-)

      Not saying that your ask is not valid, just if there is an option – I prefer to leverage a list curated by an expert in the subject.

      Another question, would things like Discourse, Disqus, Matrix.org, ActivityPub clinent/servers qualify as cms?

      [1] https://howlingpixel.com/i-en/Content_management_system

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        Another question, would things like Discourse, Disqus, Matrix.org, ActivityPub clinent/servers qualify as cms?

        I’d say for Matrix.org and ActivityPub the distributed tag works pretty well already.

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        If it’s for small-scale (artisinal?) sites/networking/tech, maybe volknet?

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          I’d rather not introduce a foreign root into an English-speaking site, especially one that has as much baggage (in English) as the German “Volk”.

          I’m not a native German speaker, but I’m fluent in the North Germanic language Swedish, and the cognate “folknät” already exists as a branding for Telia[1] (as can be seen in this ad/propaganda video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_uROxg2Bso. It’s as far as you can get from artisinal and small-scale!

          The word “folknätet” is a play on the political/ideological term “folkhemmet” (a home for the people) which is still used as a touchstone for what a good welfare state should be in Swedish political debate.

          [1] used to be the state telecoms monopoly and is still majority owned by the Swedish state