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    One serious problem with this idea is that it utterly ignores current social organization. The “world computer” is yet another poorly thought out technical solution to a messy social problem and why it will never work, even if it does work mathematically.

    And I have a feeling there would be some unbearable latency.

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      The title sounds promising. Is there any abstract or article?

      BTW: I think that each video posted here should have an abstract in description or first comment.

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        I would describe the video as a demo of the current version of World Computer, which is a tool/network/idea described at https://www.worldcomputer.org/.

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        It seems a red flag to me that the similar existing projects IPFS and Filecoin are not mentioned anywhere in this video, World Computer’s website, or its whitepapers. (The difference between IPFS and Filecoin: in IPFS, you serve files yourself; in Filecoin you pay others to host your files.) If the World Computer developers are not aware of similar work, they might mistakes; they are aware of similar work but they hide it, it might mean they are hiding flaws not present in those competitors.

        World Computer seems similar to Filecoin, except that it isn’t implemented yet, it markets itself to more non-technical users, and it has a utopian vision for its economy that I don’t really understand.