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I thought it might be interesting to have a “Planet” for Lobsters (in the style of Planet GNOME, Planet Mozilla, etc.). It would be fairly easy to implement; just define an extra field in the user profiles for a weblog RSS feed. There could also be a separate field for Twitter accounts and have an aggregation page that shows the last tweet for each user. These might help users find other users to follow in their RSS readers or Twitter accounts, and integration with Lobsters would make it dead simple to submit someone’s recent weblog entry to Lobsters.

Is there any interest in this? Should it just be an RSS URL and Twitter account field? I don’t know what other services the cool kids are using these days.

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    I think this is a great idea and would also encourage a stronger community.

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      Syndicating blog posts has merit; I’m not so sure that anywhere near the same sort of value would come from twitter…

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        No need to create an aggregation page for Twitter. Instead you should just make a Twitter List.

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          In the specific case of Twitter sure. But better to create a single aggregation that can have many kinds of input and many kinds of output, including Twitter, than creating individual aggregations for each output service.

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          Ok, there is a weblog feed URL on the user settings page now. I’ll let you guys and gals fill those in while I work on the aggregator.

          I think we generally want these feeds restricted to technical content, yes?

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            No? I think if Lobste.rs is a community the associated planet should be the community member’s blogs, not just some of them. Maybe they should have a technical orientation, but they shouldn’t be “all tech, all the time”.

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              How would you manage a technical URL? People could put anything in that field.

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              So just to be sure I understand what a “planet” is - it’s a blogroll/aggregate feed of the project’s members and participants?

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                From http://www.planetplanet.org/

                Planet is an awesome ‘river of news’ feed reader. It downloads news feeds published by web sites and aggregates their content together into a single combined feed, latest news first.

                Your understanding is correct

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                This sounds great to me as well! The planet / RSS version sounds more useful overall, but both would encourage more community.

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                  Would be interesting to have 100 or so lobsters contribute one topical blog post every 3 weeks. That would make for some good reading every day.

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                    An RSS URL field would be very useful - twitter, probably that too. It is easier to cherry-pick people to follow from here, than from a twitter list (I dislike twitter lists, mind you, they’re a pain to discover and track).

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                      +1 for both an RSS URL and a Twitter field.