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    What the…how the…there are ads on the lock screen now? WTF.

    1. 10

      “Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen”.

      and more!

      1. 4

        I would have assumed the “and more” referred to facts, tips, and tricks which are not fun. You know, because they’re either blatantly obvious or refer to features nobody uses. :)

        It’s quite surprising to me that it refers to ads, although I agree that from a legal standpoint, they’re covered. Wow.

      2. 5

        Wonder if they are profiled to your browsing habbits ;) Could lead to some ‘interesting’ lock screens at work places.

      3. 3

        I honestly think Microsoft makes decisions like these when drunk. Who would want this?!

        1. 1

          It’s fun to watch people continuing to work around the fact that Microsoft has decided to screw them, repeatedly. First everyone scrambling to turn off automatic Win 10 upgrades, now everyone trying to prevent their OS from being literally adware. (Then again, Canonical set the precedent for that with their “Amazon Ad Lens”, so, go them I guess.)