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      Computer Science Without a Computer

      Also known as, math.

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        That’s only kind of true. CS is an applied, algorithmic, iterative branch of mathematics. It has its own valuable contributions and unique approach that is semi-independant of mathematics.

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        Not necessarily true, most of my CS classes are completely without a computer, even the labs. I’d argue that it’s even more effective (if you have some basic experience with programming) than sitting at a computer.

        For example, analyzing algorithms in assembly which you had to hand-code on a blackboard was one of my favorite things.

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        Or, computer science!

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      I remember in highschool, the “computer club” didn’t have access to many computers. So we did a lot of paper problems like this.

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      I’m actually trying to do more of this in my day-to-day programming job. Turning off syntax highlighting and editor assists was the first step. I haven’t cracked this, but a major problem of writing code offline is knowing exactly how to interface with libraries (something you’d usually search for).