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    Yeah okay this is probably the strongest “here’s why you, Hillel, should switch from vim to emacs” post I’ve ever read

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      I just bought a fancy new atreus keyboard (thank you @technomancy) and I’m finding vim difficult to use with it. However, the keybindings for emacs seem perfectly suited for this keyboard’s default layout. Though I’m guessing it was actually the other way around.

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        The beauty of the atreus is that you can rewrite it’s firmware and make it suite your own needs I use QMK with mine, and QMK have a few interesting features, like

        • leader key
        • key chords
        • multiple layers
        • macros
        • dual purpose keys

        The features above alone should be very, very handy for building a vim compatible keyboard.

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      Looking forward to other such posts! I changed M-SPC to use cycle-spacing and I was reminded of beacon.

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        Same, except I switched beacon for the pulse recipe shown. I aim to do more with less, so fewer modules to install is right up my alley.

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        Excellent post! I learned quite a few new things.

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          This is great. I absolutely love programmable programs like Emacs, but there is an under-appreciated value in using the defaults (and, from the developer’s side, having good defaults…).

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            Switched to Emacs some 5 years ago. Still find new stuff weekly. Many thanks for the exellent write-up! Especially region-undo surprised me here.

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              Love this post, can’t wait to use artist-mode for diagrams. I also went through and added pulsing to various movements so that I stop losing my cursor.

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                That ascii drawing mode seems very useful. Thanks!

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                  Maybe it’s just me, but last time I tried artist-mode I found it leaves much to be desired. When using the mouse, movement is rather jerky and erratic, so getting lines to appear where you want them can be quite a hassle. Using the keyboard on the other hand isn’t that big of a win over just typing things out.

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                    Using the keyboard on the other hand isn’t that big of a win over just typing things out.

                    really? Try to draw a box, a circle or a fill-in by typing and measure the time it takes… it think it’ll be much greater then using artist-mode ;-)

                    Very nice post by the way, thanks!