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    Considering it rounds up a bunch of different, incompatible netcats (including one from 2004), I was surprised that socat didn’t get a mention.

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      socat’s system of address types is much more intuitive to me than netcat’s array of unix-style arguments

      socat stdio tcp-listen:3000 just makes more sense than netcat -l -p 3000

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        Probably because socat is awesome, but it fundamentally isn’t netcat? :)

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      Imo there’s some very important info missing from the article: For file transfers, OpenBSD netcat will just keep on running after the transfer completes by default. You need to pass additional arguments to make it exit when done: -N on the sender side (shutdown socket after EOF in stdin) and -d on the receiver side (close stdin immediately).

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        Learning that ncat supports TLS was really useful. I’ve wondered how to set that up several times and just decided not to bother in the past.