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      This piece is from 2013. Is anyone a regular Office 365 user today? The web-based Word seems like a different animal from the native application.

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        I use o365 for work. Prior to that, we used google apps in the same company.

        The local feedback seems to be, essentially: people who are used to MS on the desktop loved moving to o365, since it implemented all the niche corner cases for everything the way they were used to. Everybody else strongly disliked it. It’s slow to load, poorly responsive at first and intermittently, crashes more often, and doesn’t integrate multi-user editing nearly as well.

        So, pertinent to this article, it’s probably safe to say that Word 365 fulfills the author’s claim “To parse a .doc file you virtually have to write a mini-implementation of Microsoft Word”. It’s full-featured in exactly the ways the author dislikes.

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        We use O365 at my current job and I don’t hate it. The worst part is definitely Skype for Business.

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        Not any more, but used it at my previous employer.

        I don’t know exactly what the author’s complaining about (get to the point, already), but standalone office is better than Google Docs, Office 365 and OpenOffice in every conceivable way, IMO. My only complaint is that it had to run in Wine on Linux, but it was even worth doing that instead of using OpenOffice.

        Office365 is clunky and slow in comparison and 90% of the features are missing.

        The author mentions a few times that Word is no good for writing books, but there are dedicated tools for doing that, so why doesn’t he use one?

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          He does. See the last paragraph.