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    A wonderful project. Post-processing is underrated. I use Soupault to clean up and extend Asciidoctor’s output which gets me 90% of what I want.

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      Some people, however, get an incorrect impression that post-processing is all soupault can do. I’m not sure where they get it from, but this release is almost exclusively focused on the generator functionality, so maybe there will be fewer incorrect impressions.

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        It may be post-processing is its biggest niche as there are many, many more static site generators. Most of those are bloated, pollute the source markup, and aren’t built in a way to stand the test of time, but as a junior coworker put it when asked why he chose a JavaScript-based generator (and alluding to the systemic issue with popularity contests) “it had the most GitHub stars”. On the otherhand, there are few feature-filled post-processors. Just a guess.

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      Sounds great, and I totally stole the name ‘blueprints’ because you’re right, theme doesn’t paint the full picture… which means I switched over my site to my own SSG last night and have no use for this :/