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    Related update: organice just got comprehensive documentation (https://organice.200ok.ch/documentation.html).

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      Good job with organice! I have looked for such a project for quite some time. However, even if it looks great (and has mobile/web apps), it still misses one element from my flow: there is no git backend. Are there any plans to add it?

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        Thank you for your kind words 🙏

        organice already features a huge amount of synchronization options: Dropbox, Google Drive, WebDAV (which opens the door to ownCloud, Nextcloud and Seafile, but also self hosted dedicated WebDAV servers like Apache or Nginx).

        For that, synchronization is build using the strategy pattern which is consumed here[1]. Implementing a new backend implies implementing 8 functions[2]. For Dropbox, it’s about 120 LOC JavaScript.

        I’ll happily merge any PR enabling a different backend and support the development of it and will test it if I have access to a compatible backend.

        As for me, I have no plans to build a Git client in the browser as this would be a huge undertaking with uncertain benefits. Personally, I’m happy synchronizing to storage like Dropbox wherein my Org files are sitting in a Git repository. Then, I can properly manage them from a proper Git client (in Emacs).

        1. https://github.com/200ok-ch/organice/blob/master/src/actions/sync_backend.js
        2. https://github.com/200ok-ch/organice/blob/master/src/sync_backend_clients/dropbox_sync_backend_client.js#L159-L166
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          Got it, however, there are some existing Git clients for browser/node environment like Isomorphic-Git. [1] I’d be interested to add such to the organice, test it by dogfooding it. ;)

          Regarding other features: I have reviewed the current capabilities and they represent very good coverage of my workflow. Almost fitting my sweet spot. ;) Additionally, I am a GSuite user, so GDrive fits perfectly. However, any Linux-based client for it is an abomination, mildly put (paid/free, doesn’t matter), and I do not have any incentive to use Dropbox.

          1. https://github.com/isomorphic-git/isomorphic-git
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            From a quick glance, isomorphic-git looks nice! I’d be happy to support you if you have any questions whilst creating a PR for integration.

            NB: I’ve heard people use GDrive as a back-end for NextCloud[1]. I have no experience with that, but find the NextCloud Linux client itself quite good.

            1. https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/stable/admin_manual/configuration_files/external_storage_configuration_gui.html?highlight=google#available-storage-backends