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    The response from FTDI seems to indicate that they’re aware of what’s going on and this isn’t some accident.

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      Wow. Talk about a big, fat FUCK YOU to everyone bit by this. I think twitter user @macegr sums it up nicely:

      .@FTDIChip @davbbley @mikelectricstuf Your [FTDI’s] response to a supply chain issue is the digital equivalent of sugaring end users' gas tanks?

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        …and a day later, that link is now dead and Mr. CEO is in full damage-control mode: http://www.ftdichipblog.com/?p=1053

        “Though our intentions were honorable…”


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        I’ve contacted Microsoft to report the issue, both by phone and by email to their security folks. Response by email has been prompt and efficient. I spent half an hour being bounced around various people by phone, with everyone I spoke to unable to assist with the reporting of a security issue. Very poor form there.

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          An update to this: the security folks have told me it’s not a security issue, but they’re forwarding it to the appropriate team.

          Perhaps I’m biased, but I’d have thought that a Windows Update that ships malware that bricks thousands of consumer devices without warning would constitute a security issue.

          But hey … at least they’re actioning it, and they responded so quickly. So, FYI: if you have a security issue to report to Microsoft, do it by email. Phone staff are utterly, completely useless for this.

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            Another update: Microsoft had already been made aware of the issue, and were investigating. I’ve lodged a formal compliment over the way their security team responded to my report (once I found them). Prompt, helpful, efficient and reassuring.

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            FTDIs own website says their chips are used on medical devices:


            Let’s hope that all the manufacturers are 100% certain of their supply chains, from top to bottom. And that there are no bugs in the driver that might cause inadvertent bricking.

            Way to go, FTDI.

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                I’ve merged them.

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                  [meta] Well that’s a cool new trick, thanks @jcs!