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Found this when I was working on converting my wiki from HTML to markdown. Saved me a lot of time.


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    Aaron Swartz made an HTML-to-Markdown converter in 2004, together with Markdown which he apparently ~co-authored (!) : http://www.aaronsw.com/weblog/001189

    My usage of Swartz’s html2text program, was persisting markdown versions of online articles locally: https://github.com/chelmertz/cleader

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      Ha, it’s fun to see Bob Ippolito’s slightly outraged comment at the bottom of Aaron’s post: “what’s wrong with RST?”

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      Another popular tool for this kind of conversion is pandoc .

      Install: brew install pandoc or apt install pandoc

      Use: pandoc https://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/ -o markdown.md

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        For what?