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    A very interesting, “from the trenches” article, with generic code-transformation lessons even for someone like me, who isn’t too much into JS. Didn’t expect it to be so detailed, thought it would be much more of a fluff piece. Thanks!

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      Sidenote: I miss this Dropbox. It was a folder, that synced and it just worked.

      Every year I find Dropbox adding features that I don’t want or understand that actually seem to get in the way of using it as a folder that syncs.


      And while rewriting a working product over and over makes sense in SV land, after all, how you going to keep those hundreds of devs you hired busy when you’re product was a folder that synced and was finished many years ago… A user like me who is continually charged more so many things I don’t want, maybe I’m but as thrilled about stories like this.

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        I still use dropbox as a way to simply sync files. There may be new features added, but I’ve successfully ignored them.