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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    I’ll be resting.

    This has been a very tiring week due to things not related to my job. Actually I’ve neglected my job a bit, there’s some documentation that I should have written. Maybe I’ll distract myself a bit with that.

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      My new work laptop (Dell Precision 7540 with an 8c/16t Intel Xeon, 64GB ECC RAM, 1TB NVMe, and dedicated/discrete NVIDIA GPU) came in today. So I’m gonna spend the weekend playing around on it. It’ll be an awesome HardenedBSD and OPNsense development machine. :)

      edit[0]: Fix typo

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        8c/16t Intel Xeon, 64GB ECC RAM

        I used to look enviously at SGI Origins and Onyx’s that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to a million wanting that kind of RAM. Now it’s in laptops. Amazing. Still doesn’t have the 256 CPU’s, though. They need to work on that.

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          I got a variant model of that (less RAM, figured I’ll upgrade it when it starts to bug me), it’s really a great laptop.

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            Serious question because I’m a bit jealous, what are you gonna use all that ram for?

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              I’ll be running a number of VMs simultaneously. One of them will need a dedicated 32GB RAM.

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              Is the battery life okay? Is it really able to handle all the heat of the CPU? Intel says the TDP is 45W. That’s a bit crazy for a mobile device.

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                I’m not sure. This will be plugged into power nearly 100% of the time.

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                interestingly, the dell website does not report a 7542 model (only a 7540) – is that some kind of custom order ?

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                  Whoops! Typo. Thanks for catching it. The laptop is indeed a 7540.

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                I’m a bit injured, I did too much heavy lifting, bending over and picking things up the last couple of weeks. I’m going to need some physical therapy to help me recover so unfortunately garden work is out. Luckily the company I work for bought a bunch of Pluralsight subscriptions and I got one. I’m 1.5 hour into the Golang course, I guess I’ll do some more of that.

                I’m also looking at a new screen again, budget is ~500euro max and I’d like a ‘regular’ 4K or a widescreen that’s more than 2x1080p. Unfortunately there are still quite some options so picking one takes time. I hope to have narrowed the list a bit after this weekend.

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                  You may have seen it, but there was this thread not too long ago about 4K screens in particular.


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                    Oh, wow, I missed that one. Thanks for giving me a heads up!

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                  Going to be setting up a new desk, resting, and training the new puppy some more.

                  If I have the energy, I’ll be working on the chore minder site, and starting a migration from my current VPS to a new one. It’s been a hot second since I’ve looked at the VPS landscape, so any recommendations would be appreciated

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                    I recommend starting with ethical suppliers. By that, I mean the company is either run by good folks or at least does good things. That really, really narrows it down to point that (still waking up) I can only think of two companies: Prgmr.com and DreamHost. Prgmr.com have a straight-forward setup and pricing with great service. They also host Lobsters for free. DreamHost, VPS setup being DreamCompute, is a bigger company with what comes with that. They do fight for civil rights.

                    So, I encourage folks to consider using one of those two for their projects so their money gets invested into good companies instead of bad ones. Prgmr.com being safer if considering long term questions such as “will they go bad when the next manager or CEO gets hired?”

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                      Hello, I have some interest in your definition of chore minder. A friend of mine and myself just begun to create (again) a chore manager. We plan to manage tasks, shopping list and assignement to children in a house. Our project will be open source. And we know that there are a lot of similar projects around. But we didn’t find any suitable projects for or needs : to manage dependencies (we cannot wash the sink if the dishes is not done… we cannot build the table if the table is not bought, and so on).

                      What are YOUR specific needs?

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                        Not the above poster but I’ve been looking for a similar solution and I’ve thought a lot about what I need. Which may or may not meet yours or what you want to build.

                        Note I have no expectations of anyone building this for me. This post really helped me put my own requirements on paper if I ever get around to it.

                        I want something:

                        • shareable so my partner and I can share some lists such as groceries
                        • a check list system as things are completed
                        • nesting of lists, where the parent is checked off once all children are done.

                        For example a list might have grocery shopping and server maintenance. Grocery shopping is a sublist with the items we need and server maintenance could be a list of tasks like upgrade OS, install new Docker version, upgrade mysql.

                        Saved lists that can be reused. Eg Grocery shopping might change, but some items will always be the same so a weekly essentials list. Or server maintenance might not change so being able to reuse it will reduce time thinking what needs to be done.

                        Finally, automatic scheduling. Finish server maintenance? Great have it automatically reappear 6 months later on your chore list.

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                          Note I have no expectations of anyone building this for me.

                          I didn’t mention doing it for you :P

                          What you described is in our wishlist too. And may be in the first versions versions.

                          Our goal is to focus on:

                          • dependencies : you will be able to see only doable tasks.
                          • repeatable: task (re)creation by trigger (once a month, 6 months after completion as your server maintenance),
                          • actionable: able to decompose one tasks into several doable tasks (as your “where the parent is checked off once all children are done.”)

                          We don’t want to focus on:

                          • due date: we don’t want to be a scheduler or an agenda.

                          But we are at the very start of the project, we didn’t choose any frontend yet (we both are primarly backend dev :P ). We love strongly typed languages. Not sure if we will turn around Typescript or rust/wasm.

                          Thank you to share with us your requirements, It motivates us: we are not alone in this quest of freely tasks manager ^^

                          Perhaps can we share the effort? You seem more frontend than us.

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                            You seem more frontend than us.

                            I’m about as far from front end as you can imagine. By trade a sys admin whose development experience is limited to utility scripts, and adding features to an operations chat bot.

                            I’ll help out if I can, the main reason I haven’t started building my own solution is lack of skills to do so :/

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                              Sorry, I mixed up with another message that talk about JS frameworks… But nonetheless, we will appreciate any help after our MVP.

                              We want to built the foundation before opening the project to contribution.

                              For now, we are looking for a good way to define the project target. In terms of doability and public audience.

                              Thank you for your contribution ^^

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                              If you end up building any sort of web app, as a fellow back-end focused Dev, Incan recommend gotoB. It runs a bit counter to strong typing as such, but it’s been the easiest Front-end JS framework for me to pick up.

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                                Yeah, I saw the mention of gotoB.js (it was why I thought you were a frontend :p)

                                I will dig more into gotoB, but the first impression from examples are not my cup of tea.

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                                  It may not be, to be fair, but it’s the simplest front end framework I’ve come across that actually is a framework, rather than something more akin to jQuery.

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                            The chore of inspiration was watering succulents and cacti, which happens on a variable schedule

                            For chores for me and my wife, tracking dependencies isn’t a super high priority, tbh.

                            This is less about breaking down tasks, and more as acting as a longer term memory.

                            But we don’t have children to worry about either, so the dependency tracking wouldn’t help us much.

                            Good luck, dealing with that balance of features sounds like a fair amount of work.

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                              Yep, we know that will be a long run project. It is why we didn’t start it yet.

                              We want to list all requirements for a v1.0 and for the v0.1 first thing. And my friend need to work (I am looking for a job right now.)

                              Thank you again^^

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                          DEF CON qualifiers with my university’s team

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                            Good luck! Which team?

                            I used to play with Fluxfingers but have long since graduated and moved away.

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                              Thank you! If you’re looking at the scoreboard, we’re “SavedByTheShell”. We’re all from UMass Amherst.

                              That’s the team that organizes hack.lu, right?

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                                yup, I still contribute challenges for it from time to time

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                            Beginning Vacation with a couple grilled steaks and nothing on my todo list. Weather looks great, gonna spend some time in the shop, and at some point I may even get something done.

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                              • Mow the lawn, all of it this time, not the (literal) half a job I did a fortnight ago
                              • Start removing most of the groupset off my old bike, so when the missing pieces arrive I can “upgrade” the groupset on the new bike entirely. (New bike has 2013 SRAM Rival on, I’m upgrading to mixture of Rival 22 & Force 22 components. Old bike has Rival 22 HRD.) Doubt anything will arrive in post till next week.
                              • Investigate annoying creak from bottom bracket on new bike, suspect it needs a regrease
                              • Ride a bike, whichever is left in working condition at this rate
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                                Mow the lawn, all of it this time, not the (literal) half a job I did a fortnight ago

                                I’m in this comment and I don’t like it.

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                                  I mowed ours for the first time this year! “Yay”….

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                                Am off to play boardgames with friends today and doing as little as possible tomorrow.

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                                  Finishing up my implementation of a multi partition asynchronous Cassandra lookup based on time partitioned buckets and getting the messages back to the front end. This part is not fun. I spent a day looking at docs and blogs trying to figure out how to get the round trips needed to do an efficient range query on Cassandra to 1 but it seems that’s impossible across partitions with the resilience and speed that I want. 2 hops then back to the client. Seems fast enough though.

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                                    Sooo things around here are starting to open, so I’m helping out a friend who runs the local farmers market by spending an afternoon building. drum roll please a shared state counter.

                                    This seems like it would be pretty much every hello world proof of work for something meteorjs or people learning how to use web hooks but it just doesn’t seem exist.

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                                      • writing the first version of my cloud automation tool in F# (I am annoyed by Terraform’s lack of expressiveness and correctness)
                                      • trying to figure out how to use GenServer properly
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                                        I will complete a git tutorial and Coursera and follow it up with the git lesson on Software carpentrty. Expect to get a working knowledge of Git by Sunday.

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                                          Completing a couple of hardware prototypes, and an absurd amount of excercise.

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                                            Wrestling with the Synacore Challenge. Everything was going swell, until it didn’t anymore…

                                            Highly recommended it so far, if you have not already tried it.

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                                              What flavor of coding challenge is it?

                                              1. 1

                                                The best kind. From the creator of Advent of Code. Give it a shot, I’m sure you will like it. Be sure to not google anything about it though, it will give you spoilers.

                                                Sure it will give you many hours of fun.

                                                It starts off by having you build a Virtual machine to run the accompanying binary. Then your in matrix/inception land:)

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                                              Will be refactoring my bitbot.li test concept project to deploy through gitlab-ci in order to get even more into understanding it and gaining experience.

                                              Also will be tapping my fingers while waiting for my new Durgod k320 mechanical keyboard to arrive, hopefully next week.

                                              Also look through loan companies as I have gotten a once in a lifetime offer for a rental apartment next to an actual castle, but need to loan $11.000.