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    Imagine a little implicit “Visual” before every instance of the word designer. His first point is an obvious strawman, nobody ever expected them to be strong, but rather to be aware of programming’s limitations. This article is not very strong :/.

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      Does anybody have book recommendations for this?

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        I don’t know of a marketing book specifically written for designers. That said, there are plenty of fine marketing books that are accessible for anyone.

        Seth Godin’s books are great and fun to read: https://www.amazon.ca/s/ref=dp_byline_sr_ebooks_1?ie=UTF8&text=Seth+Godin&search-alias=digital-text&field-author=Seth+Godin&sort=relevancerank

        Meanwhile, Marty Neumeier is a design guy who covers a lot of big-picture topics (strategy, brands, etc.): https://www.amazon.ca/s/ref=dp_byline_sr_ebooks_1?ie=UTF8&text=Marty+Neumeier&search-alias=digital-text&field-author=Marty+Neumeier&sort=relevancerank

        And, in my opinion, everyone can benefit from reading: https://www.amazon.com/Positioning-Battle-Your-Al-Ries/dp/0071373586

        There is, of course, lots more. These provide a place to start, though.