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    One thing that I feel is missing from the introduction: Virtual machines are also excellent for obfuscation purposes. They allow you to encrypt the actual code, the reverse enginering process gets slowed down a lot if you use a particularly obscure instruction set for which no tooling exists (or even worse: invent your own instruction set), they move code out of the executable region into the data region and can help you execute only signed VM code from a remote location after passing authentication checks.

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      this sounds really interesting! do you have any examples of this, or research?

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        Open source examples used in the real world don’t exist because that defeats the entire purpose of the obfuscation.

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          sorry its taken so long to see this. thanks for the reply with all of this, it was exactly what I was looking for. thank you

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      I absolutely love these sorts of projects/tutorials, I shall add it to my list!

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        Yeah, I love the save feature in lobste.rs. It’s like a secret treasure trove.

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        Having worked with similar software, I do support using jump tables over switch statements. Switch statements are incredibly ugly to look at and annoying to maintain