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    I hope to order a PineTime once they graduate to a slightly more consumer-oriented phase (i.e. post-devkit, waterproof, and over-the-air programmable).

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      This page is a good example about how advertising can make a page so annoying you stop reading it.

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        Yeah, sorry. This was the first article published since I’ve tried google adsense and I did it mostly as an experiment. Since I have the data I wanted, I’ve removed the ads. The numbers are not interesting with the traffic I have, and also google wildly put ads all over the place. When I’ve disabled auto ad placement, several friends still said (and sent screens) that they’ve got really weird results, so no ads anymore.

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        they are hackable

        Sounds more like, you’d need to hack them to do anything useful with them. If you don’t use the non-free android application that is. And even then you only get to run javascript.

        “open source”

        Yet manages to be a shitty design, tied to a walled garden ecosystem. It’s no wonder there’s no trace of the OSHW logo anywhere.

        sell the watches

        Good call.