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      the pool of available work units may be empty from time to time, but they are working on adding more work units. Be patient.

      I would like to see a Boinc client. Last time they tried was in 2006. They shelved it because of issues and staff turnover.

      If they did, maybe it would make sense to join World Community Grid, as they tend to have many medical related computing projects.

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        One thing I discovered later on (see the NixOS thread by iswrong) is that only GPU calculations contribute towards the Covid-19 research.

        Make sure that you have a graphics card that is OpenCV-compatible.

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          I’m not sure this is correct? They say that all GPU projects are currently dedicated to coronavirus research and that they need more GPU computing. I don’t think that means that no CPU work unit is being distributed in relation to Covid-19.

          In fact, in the past week I have seen several CPU WU on my computer labeled as coronavirus research.

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            Oh really? That’s good news! I inferred the meaning from the README. If you saw coronavirus research on CPU then most likely you are right.