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    After reading the first bit I skimmed and just looked at the pictures, so it’s possible that the last 80% of the text is complete nonsense, but those illustrations were gorgeous. Such clear presentation of the key ideas, no extraneous details, just the core concept that they were explaining in a way that made it obvious.

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      I’m reminded of how I was taught to read scientific papers in grad school: read the abstract, then look at the figures, then read the introduction and conclusion, then if you’re still interested read the rest of the paper. :-)

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        Haha, I’m guilty of reading posts this way, too. Really glad you like them. :)

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        Thanks for writing this. More than once, after frustrating discussions with colleagues who know little of how allocators work but some random dogmatic beliefs on the subject, have I wished for a simple primer to point them at.

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          Thanks for writing! This is well written and the visualizations make it easier to understand compared to the analogous chapter in OSTEP.