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    And I knew that hating them was leading me to being angry at myself which was pushing me to want to drink.

    As someone working in security, I find it interesting to note your emotional attachment to it. I’m not sure how healthy such a mindset is – doctors for example, are trained to be emotionally detached from their patient, simply because emotion clouds judgement.

    Anyway, interesting read.

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      I appreciate the feedback! I was trying to articulate that infosec is the road. The students and some of my specific peers are the people I’m emotionally attached to. Any specific suggestions on how I can do better at making it read in this fashion, I’d really appreciate.

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      Love this write up. I was worried it’d be a Medium-style self-congratulatory post but instead found an honest account of personal growth.

      Please write more!

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        Thank you for the encouragement! That means a lot.