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    The default version of MySQL as set by the pkgsrc infrastructure was changed from MySQL 5.7 to MariaDB 10.5.

    That’s an interesting choice given they’re not completely compatible. Does anyone know why this happened? I can’t find any relevant posts.

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      The short answer to why it was done is that “other open source software distributions have done it already”, so the infrastructure is ready for it (certain other projects don’t even provide MySQL in the first place). Our users mostly wanted to run things like wordpress that already work with MariaDB and saw the MySQL 5.7 package as a bit crufty - though of course it’s still available if you need very exact compatibility.

      MariaDB upstream has been very receptive to accepting my patches for say, NetBSD on ARM, so as a maintainer I’m happy.

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        Did you find reason behind the change ?

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          No. I was just lazy-web level curious, not actually-go-around-actively-asking-people curious :-D

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          I don’t know details of decision but you can ask on #pkgsrc irc for reasons as to why they made that move