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    Regular lobste.rs readers may already be aware of this, but if you’re interested in Rebol you ought to give the Red programming language a look. It’s a modern language strongly based on Rebol.

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      If you don’t mind I’ve got some questions:

      • Is Red production ready? I’ve heard “it’s not 1.0 yet” and I wonder what does it mean in practice.
      • Would most programs written in Rebol work without modification on Red? There are some good books on Rebol.
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        I wouldn’t say that Red is production-ready, but development is moving quickly and their dev blog is an interesting read.

        Red and Rebol overlap significantly, but neither is a perfect subset/superset of the other.

        Red is doing some interesting things with their implementation. The language is split into two parts: a high level part and a C-like part. The whole language is self-implemented, and it’s easy to cross-compile executables.