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    I was expecting this to be an insecure hack just accepting data on a raw TCP socket but it’s actually using a secure pairing and session API to communicate. Well done :)

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      Thanks! To be honest, it was easier to use this API provided by Apple than to drop down to raw sockets and mess about. Certainly not the best code I’ve written, but I got a chuckle out of it.

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        it was easier to use this API provided by Apple

        That’s a good example of why it is important to ship critical use cases as libraries.

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        I love practical jokes that take subtle pride in proper engineering <3

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        Though cliche, I think nuking the escape key is a courageous thing to do. Use is limited, alternatives are available, the physical cost is relatively high, but it’s steeped in tradition and probably has vocal support.

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          Keeping the Caps Lock key is real courage.

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            GOOD POINT~

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            It depends on the benefits that are made available by removing the key. Doing away with the floppy drive was courageous because it freed up precious space in laptop cases and generally enabled better industrial design. It also helped push people toward more reliable and convenient forms of portable storage. If that OLED strip up at the top doesn’t have some pretty amazing benefits, I don’t think the loss of the Esc and Function keys will have been worth it.

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              2 years on, and having had one for a few months, I can say safely good lord is the touch bar the exact antithesis of “Pro.”

              Nothing says “garbage” like trying to single step in a debugger and needing to a) constantly look at your finger to make sure you’re hitting F8, and b) occasionally toggle the mode of the function keys because the OS doesn’t always remember or respect the per-application preferences.

              It even sucks as a user-friendly UX, because the brightness at normal viewing angles is like 15% that of the screen so you have to squint to even see what the icons are. Terrible.

              Ugh and the constant ghost touches due to it not being a tactile switch, also terrible.

              Touch ID on the MBP OTOH, works great.