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    I ported a relatively large game from JS to Gambit-C. I could post about it if anyone cares.

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      I’d be interested.

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      There was help and support from the community along the way, but I was mostly fighting it alone.

      From my small experience both with Scheme and Python. On a Python project I got some kind of support with github stars, and a couple copycat projects that were as broken as mine. With Scheme, I had much less “github creds” but at least I can have a conversation about technical (algorithms, code ui/ux, …) topics, which is another way to contribute, even if no direct code contributions.

      I was mostly fighting it alone.

      Hence, I do not think that is specific to CL, it is more acute because the LISP / CL community is smaller and spread over much more fields / topics. I think “scratch your own itch is good” guideline, if you add good “excellent code all the way down” it eliminates almost any language.

      At the end of the day, if you want quality contributions, you need the money…

      This reminds me the story of ZeroMQ and https://nng.nanomsg.org/. They forked the effort because part of the community wanted a big community (zeromq c++), the other side (nng c) wanted to best code.