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I want to make collaborative mind maps of links and resources and present them all visually together with an optimal study plan of learning any topic one can possibly want to learn.

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      This is an interesting idea, how do you plan to make the mind maps searchable and indexable?

      Is there any pedagogical evidence to support mind mapping as a means of enhancing learning?

      1. 3

        Eventually I plan to make a search engine built from the index of these mind maps. I can already search through the contents of all ~3000 mind maps that I have locally on my machine.

        I am currently working on an interactive ‘learn anything’ mind map. Here is a preview of it. :)

        Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

        And as for the format of it. I found mind maps to be the most flexible tool to organise and understand knowledge as it can show the interconnectedness of everything rather than just have a bunch of text.