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    “In particular, that employees who had given their careers to the company were told of their termination via a pre-recorded call — “robo-RIF’d” in the words of one employee — is both despicable and cowardly.”

    Wow that sure is some corporate bullshit. I have never heard of this practice. Is this common?

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      Oracle is the most corporate of corporate environments.

      I worked for an eCommerce company that was acquired by Oracle quite a number of years ago at this point, and one of my former co-workers posted her story to our alumni mailing list.

      To start with, they came around and removed all the knives and other sharps from the kitchen.

      After a while, she’d finally had enough, and when she told her boss she was going to leave, she was told to run the self termination application and see herself out.

      All I could think of was the suicide booths from Futorama :)

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      This is a moving piece of eulogy I had to upvote.

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        @bcantrill is good at rhetoric. Compare this post to classical Greek oratory, and then reflect on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PaWFYm0kEw

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            One wonders how many years, if not 21, might have to pass before a misjudged reference to Saturday Night Live (~4:30) might be allowed to slide quietly by!

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              Holy crap, I did not know that!

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                “It was just banter, I’m sorry if anyone got offended” years later