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    I love the data type graphs and find it amazing how expressive it is and how naturally it can be used for modelling just about anything. I am currently writing my thesis on using Neighborhood Embedding algorithms (basically an algorithm operating on the distance matrix between datapoints) for visualization and I find the whole topic fascinating.

    That being said, by virtue of being so flexible, they can, generally speaking, be computationally expensive to use, as without any restrictions just creating a graph would cost O(n^2) space and time. In many application domains it is possible to exploit the structure (usually sparsity) in order to push this down, however.

    All in all, I think graphs are a powerful data structure and can become more important in the future, especially if theoretical progress continues to be made.

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      There seems to be several “rest of the fucking owl” leaps in this text. Maybe I’m just too dumb.