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    That is fun. I want to see it used in a GUI — maybe something where you’re plugging components together.

    Also, METABALLS is an anagram of BLAME SALT.

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      You can break the intro example? If I move the child circle away fast enough it stops interacting with the parent.

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        This is a lot more about marching squares (an algorithm for turning pixelish data into vectorish data) than metaballs. Still, good to see an example based on something less complicated than the usual minetest knockoffs.

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          Are we reading the same blog post? This has nothing to do with marching squares, it’s about rendering metaballs with circles and bézier curves.

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            Perhaps Sophistifunk clicked through to the linked article: https://jamie-wong.com/2014/08/19/metaballs-and-marching-squares/

            It is indeed more about marching squares.

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          Wow I haven’t seen that explicit surface formulation of metaballs before. Looks great! I don’t think it generalizes to more than two balls though.

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            Depending on your fill method, you could probably just superimpose all the pairs on each other perhaps. Not awake enough yet to think that through.

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              Yeah that would probably look fine but it doesn’t give the same result as summing all the potential fields and then thresholding. But since it’s a visual effect it all boils down to what looks good :) You can find some old metaball debates on pouet.net btw.

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