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And here’s the Pinion release announcement blogpost from the author


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    How does this compare with “Interactive Html BOM” (demo)?

    I guess IHBOM is for documenting designs generally, but this is more oriented toward hobbyist documentation?

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      IHBOM’s primary use is for people soldering their circuits. You get an order of 10s-100s of little bags from DigiKey or Mouser or whomever each with some small qty of components, and then have the challenge of trying to remember where on this pcb a 5n6 0402 inductor was meant to go - IHBOM makes that an absolute breeze and I use it all the time.

      Pinion is more for documenting the physical/electrical interface of your PCB for others. API rather than build instructions, if you like.

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        I think the target audience is different. Interactive BOM is designed for people who build the boards, while this is designed for people using the boards.